Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mouse for computer - Apple Magic Mouse: An iPhone-style peripheral

Mouse for computer - Apple Magic Mouse: An iPhone-style peripheral

Since the launch of the iPhone, Apple has been implementing its effective multi-touch technology (tactile surfaces that acknowledge multiple touches at the same time) in several devices including (besides the iPhone) the iPod Touch, MacBook’s trackpad, and now the Magic Mouse. And probably, in the future, we will see this technology applied in more and more ways.

In the case of the Magic Mouse, it is probably the biggest advance during the last years in this type of device that interact with the computer; and ironically this advance is not a consequence of adding more buttons, scroll wheels, or some very original designs by “crazy” designers that are often intended to be used with the right hand only. Actually, it is the opposite thing: there is… nothing! There is no visible controls, wheels or similar things in the Magic Mouse, which has a simplified design, a reduced size, and a quite improved quality with beautiful finishes. And we are comparing not only with the Apple Mighty Mouse, but also with the generic features found in this type of device, which is often a very basic and traditional device with common and boring designs.


The Apple Magic Mouse is totally minimalist: In fact, even it doesn’t have any cable because it is connected via Bluetooth. The top side is a smooth surface made of a shiny clear acrylic plastic and the bottom side is a brushed aluminum base with two plastic rails that allows users to work in almost any surface. The mouse also comes with Laser-Tracking Engine (this is not a regular optical mouse because it doesn’t emit visible light), battery compartment (two AA batteries, which are included when the user buys this product) and a power switch.

Its operation is a really comfortable thing: You only have to touch it with your fingertips; this mouse has a more accurate performance: That is a consequence of using laser tracking instead of a light diode; besides, this technology also allows to use this device on a greater number of surfaces; when comparing to the Apple Mighty Mouse, the Magic Mouse can be used in a more smooth and quiet way, actually it is almost totally soundless and the friction sensation is reduced to a minimal level, which is a great thing, especially if you don’t like to use a mouse pad.


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